In these May warm days, new guests appeared in Moscow. Strange yellow mushrooms occupyed Moscow deciduous trees. This «guest» appeared in the City for the first time. Nevertheless, in Moscow region forests, it has been found for a long time — it is a Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus)!

Questions from citizens about these mushrooms have already appeared on the Internet. People want to know, what kind of strange yellow mushrooms appeared on city trees and in parks. Are they dangerous to people and pets?

This mushroom was photographed near Kashirskaya metro station,
where it quietly grows from the ground. More often, of course, it is found on trees.

It can be confidently answered: No, these mushrooms are not dangerous to either people or animals! Especially if you just admire them! However, the trees affected by this «alien» die guaranteed and quickly enough.

In the Far East, in Russia and in Japan, this mushroom is harvested and used everywhere in cooking! It is even called «chicken mushroom», for the similarity of the taste of the finished mushroom with chicken meat!

Laetiporus sulphureus grow from spring to late autumn. They love precisely deciduous forests, where they grow on rotten trees or stumps.
Often grows on fruit trees. However, you should not rejoice about this, if such a «handsome guest» appeared on your garden tree. Death is guaranteed to infected tree in 1 — 2 years, and neighboring trees could be infected!

In the city, the Laetiporus sulphureus fungus appears for the first time, in any case, there were no reports before.

According to mycologist Stepanovich Viktor: “Forest mushrooms can often grow in cities, if they find suitable conditions for themselves. When people bring mushrooms from the forest, spores could easily spread to the city. Spores scatter around the neighborhood and may give start to a new mycelium.”

Here, on the Nagatinskaya embankment, someone has already cut it off, isn’t it for lunch ? ?

According to the expert, mushrooms do not necessarily absorb pollution «like a sponge» — it is rather a stereotype and a myth. But still, in the city, with a high concentration of people and animals, you should not collect and eat mushrooms. Due to the crowding of people, self-purification of nature does not occur and the risk of poisoning or infection is still higher.

Every summer, champignons appear in the city, which considered quite edible mushrooms.

In any case, we do not recommend collect mushrooms in the city. Each adult must assess all the risks for himself. However, it is better to leave alone such beauty and admire it on a walk!

In addition, it is still unclear how such a move from the Far East to the Moscow Region forests and city parks will affect the fungus!

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